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In an effort to promote healthier eating habits in children, many schools now provide juice vending machines in their student cafeterias. While some schools may still sell sodas in their lunchroom, students often prefer fruit juices when given the option to choose. Orange, grapefruit, and cranberry juice are just a few of the favorites. Due to their high demand, juice machines can be expensive. Many businesses opt for vending machine leasing or financing juice vending machines to make their purchases.

At Crest Capital, we can assist your business in acquiring juice vending machine financing or whatever type of other vending machine leasing you desire. With two decades of experience in the business equipment leasing industry, we're proud of our commitment to fast, affordable, quality service. After completing our brief application form, we can help your business acquire juice vending machine financing in less than a day. For more details, contact Crest Capital today.

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