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Most new ice cream vending machines are equipped with a built in freezer and an automatic vacuum pickup that grabs the desired selection. Once the proper amount has been inserted, the freezer opens and the automatic vacuum produces suction that holds the chosen ice cream treat until it is released. Due to advances like these, vending machines can be expensive. Both ice cream vending machine financing and vending machine leasing are practical options for businesses to consider.

Crest Capital is an expert in vending machine leasing. For nearly twenty years, we've been providing businesses with ice cream vending machine financing, along with a host of other business equipment leasing opportunities. Our fast, efficient, and affordable service makes us a leader in the vending machine leasing industry. For more information on financing ice cream vending machines for your own business, contact Crest Capital today. In as little as a day, your business could be reaping the cool benefits an ice cream vending machine has to offer.

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