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Vending machines are a unique business. Of course, the placement of the machines and their offerings matter in how much revenue a particular machine will make, but just as important are the finance terms for a vending machine. Since a vending machine - whether a snack machine, a soda machine, a candy machine, or an ice cream machine – generates revenue right away, the right vending machine financing can mean the difference between a profit and a loss. Obviously, the equipment finance company you choose will matter.

Crest Capital has almost two decades of experience in financing vending machines of all types. We understand the vending machine business, and are ready to assist you with vending machine financing, regardless of how many machines you need. We offer superb rates, an easy application, and a speedy approval time, so you won't be kept waiting. Contact us today to learn more about vending machine financing.

**Please Note** To qualify, your company must have a minimum of three years in business with a good credit history.

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Bottle Vending Machine Financing
A bottle vending machine provides cool and refreshing drinks on demand. Typically, these types of vending machines do well in small business settings that do not have the need (or space) for a separate soda, juice, or water sales areas. Since purchasing a vending machine is a big investment, financing bottle vending machines and vending machine leasing make good sense.
Can Vending Machine Financing
Can vending machines can be stocked to sell both cold soda and juice selections. A can vending machine is one of the simpler types of vending machine equipment to maintain, making them very popular among business owners. Although convenient, can vending machines can be a hefty investment, which is why many companies select can vending machine financing to help with the expense.
Cold Food Vending Machine Financing
Cold food vending machines offer a number of different chilled food and drinks, including: sandwiches, deserts, tossed salads, fresh fruit, and various dairy products. Most machines have a glass front window and ample lighting for easy viewing. Due to costs, many companies prefer financing cold food vending machines.
Combo Vending Machine Financing
Combo vending machines are just what the name implies; they offer various food and drink items for sale. Although combo vending machines may sell several different products, they most often provide candy, chips, soda, and other drinks. Because they are profitable, many business owners consider combo vending machine financing.
Deli Food Vending Machine Financing
Deli food vending machines serve delicious cold and hot sandwiches for your staff or customers. In today's hectic world, a deli vending machine provides a fast and nutritious meal almost instantly. Though expensive, these machines are a good investment. Thus, deli food vending machine financing and vending machine leasing are smart choices for businesses to consider.
Frozen Food Vending Machine Financing
Frozen food vending machines offer a number of different frozen dinners, sandwiches, and entrees. Entire meals or appetizers can be purchased and heated in the microwave in just a few minutes. Frozen food vending machines are convenient but costly. Because of their expense, many companies prefer frozen food vending machine financing to help with their purchase.
Glass Front Vending Machine Financing
Glass front vending machines are the new trend in the vending machine industry. These machines come in a variety of sizes and styles, allowing the owner to sell numerous products such as cold drinks, frozen food, hot dinners, snacks, candies, and even ice cream. Versatile and convenient, glass front vending machines are generally more expensive than traditional vending equipment, making financing glass front vending machines a common choice among businesses.
Hot Drink Vending Machine Financing
A hot drink vending machine is the perfect way to provide a warm cup of comfort to your employees or customers. Hot drink vending machines eliminate the need for numerous coffee pots or hot water containers which can clutter office space and lunchrooms. If spending the cash on one or more of these expensive machines doesn't fit your budget, hot drink vending machine financing is an affordable alternative.
Hot Food Vending Machine Financing
A hot food vending machine is a fast and convenient way to have a warm meal without the need for a microwave. Hot food vending is the new craze in the world of vending machines. Due to their efficient and accommodating features, purchasing one of these machines can be rather expensive. Businesses on a limited budget often prefer hot food vending machine financing to purchase their equipment.
Ice Cream Vending Machine Financing
An ice cream vending machine provides cool and delicious treats year round. Perfect for employee lunchrooms or school cafeterias, ice cream vending machines are stocked with a variety of tasty frozen desserts. Although an ice cream vending machine will soon pay for itself in sales, which is why many companies prefer keeping payments small by financing ice cream vending machines.
Juice Vending Machine Financing
Juice vending machines are a great alternative to high-sugar and caffeine laced soft drinks. A juice vending machine allows employees, students, or customers a healthy choice for quenching their thirst. Although popular, these types of vending machines can be very pricey, forcing many companies to turn to financing juice vending machines.
Milk Vending Machine Financing
Milk vending machines are quickly becoming a hot item in many schools across the country. In an effort to provide more healthy food and drink choices, school cafeterias are eager to allow these machines in their lunchrooms. Keeping the payments small is desirable, so milk vending machine financing is an affordable way to tackle this problem.
Snack Vending Machine Financing
Did you know that snack vending machines generate billions of dollars in sales each year? With the exception of soda machines, snack vending machines are the top producer among vending sales. A snack vending machine will quickly surpass its initial expense in sales, making snack vending machine financing a wise choice.
Soda Vending Machine Financing
A soda vending machine is one of the most popular types of vending machine equipment sold today. Both adults and children love the cool taste of a refreshing soft drink. While soda vending machines generally do exceptionally well in sales, paying cash for one of these machines can certainly put a crimp in your wallet. Thus, soda vending machine financing is a great way to acquire this equipment.

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