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Pressure washers have opened up entirely new industries. Tradespeople like house painters often offer pressure washing services in addition to their normal painting services. Car dealerships use them for a quick wash before delivery of a new automobile. Even an auto rental facility has use for one (after all, who likes to rent a dusty car?)

Crest Capital offers pressure washer financing to companies across the nation. Whether you need one large commercial unit for an automobile dealership, a dozen pressure washers for a painting service, or 100 pressure washer units for a car rental chain, we're ready to finance pressure washers for your company. We've been financing pressure washers for over twenty years, so we have the experience you need. We also have great rates, an easy application, and the fastest approval time around. Contact us today to learn more about pressure washing equipment financing.

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Industrial Pressure Washer Financing
Industrial pressure washers are larger, more powerful versions of standard pressure washers. Typically used by tradespeople and heavy industry, these pressure washers are capable of high-powered cleaning, and can even strip paint and concrete bare. They are powerful, but pricey, so financing industrial pressure washers is a smart choice.
Gas Powered Pressure Washer Financing
Gas powered pressure washers are a terrific way to clean brick, concrete, decks, and lawn equipment. They can also be used to pre-treat surfaces before repainting. A gas powered pressure washer is more powerful than an electric model but also more costly. For businesses on a tight budget, gas powered pressure washer financing is an affordable option.
Portable Pressure Washer Financing
Portable pressure washers are a convenient way to clean brick, concrete, wood, fencing, and many other outdoor surfaces. Cleaning with a pressure washer can save your company both time and energy. Although portable pressure washer financing is available for both gas and electric models, gas models are more popular due to their additional power and because they don't require the use of an extension cord.

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