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Coin operated amusement equipment is a pleasant business model to engage in. Not only is the end user getting enjoyment from using the equipment or arcade game, but the coin operated amusement equipment itself generates a steady, almost passive revenue stream. While not quite "set it and forget it", coin operated amusement equipment does earn while unattended, making this equipment not only sought after, but in need of great financing as well. Because if the income earned is greater than the finance payment, that's a positive revenue stream from day one.

Crest Capital provides exceptional coin operated amusement equipment financing. Whether you are looking to finance arcade games or need skee ball financing, we're here to help. In fact, financing coin operated amusement equipment and financing arcade games have been a part of our business for close to two decades. We offer great rates, an easy application, and fast approvals. Contact us today to learn more about coin operated amusement equipment.

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Video Arcade Machine Financing
Everybody remembers the excitement of their favorite video games. From the electronic blips and whirrs of space aliens, racing games, or even a dance workout; arcade games are synonymous with fun. But a good video arcade machine costs more than just a few quarters to buy. That's why Crest Capital can help with video arcade machine financing.
Pinball Machine Financing
From their bright, flashy lights, colorful sound effects and addictive gameplay, pinball machines have become a part of our culture. But setting up a proper gaming environment doesn't come as cheaply as playing a game. Crest Capital can help you set up a financing plan that won't "tilt" your wallet.
Redemption Game Machine Financing
Everyone likes playing those games of skill where there's a payoff. The thought of being able to win a prize keeps players coming back for more every time. But redemption game machines don't come cheaply. Fortunately, Crest Capital can get you a redemption game machine financing plan that will help keep your eyes on the prize.
Billiards / Pool Table Financing
Playing pool is a tradition in many game rooms, billiards halls, and bars. In short, a pool table keeps customers happy, and in your establishment. But billiards/pool tables don't come cheaply. Fortunately, Crest Capital can help you rack up a billiards/pool table financing plan that won't break your budget.
Air Hockey Financing
A great game of air hockey is one of the true arcade highlights. Whether playing one on one or as a team, there's always fun competition between friends. But air hockey tables are not a low cost investment. Keeping that in mind, Crest Capital helps to make an affordable air hockey financing plan our goal.
Photo Booth Financing
There's something enjoyable about capturing the moment when it comes to a photo booth. Whether it's a first date, or a silly photo, people like getting an instant photo set. Buying photo booths, however, is a costly investment. That's why Crest Capital helps make affordable photo booth financing a snap.
Token Dispenser Financing
Dispensing tokens makes good sense, as a handful of tokens will almost always be spent (as opposed to a handful of quarters.) Having a token machine at your arcade, pool hall, or amusement area entices people to spend more, and gives you added jingle in your pocket. Let us help you get there with our token dispenser financing program.
Ticket Counting Machine Financing
Everyone likes playing those games of skill where there's a payoff. The thought of winning a prize keeps players coming back for more tickets. Since counting hundreds of tickets is time consuming, a ticket counting machine is a must. Count on us to finance ticket counting machines for your amusement-themed business.

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