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Building maintenance equipment encompasses the entire realm of equipment used to clean and maintain buildings. This might mean cleaning equipment (floor polishers, rug shampooers), garbage disposal equipment (cardboard crushers or incinerators), carts, garbage cans (one per office), and even perhaps small vehicles. The amount of equipment needed is usually related to the size of the company – in addition to cleaning equipment, large companies might have internal waste disposal equipment and vehicles as part of their maintenance departments.

Crest Capital has spent nearly two decades financing maintenance equipment for companies of all sizes. Regardless of the type of building maintenance equipment financing you require, whether you need to start up a new maintenance department or are upgrading the polishing machines of an existing one, we can handle it. We offer you great rates, a fast application process, and a "same business day" approval time. Contact us today to learn more about maintenance equipment financing.

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Carpet Cleaning Equipment Financing
Carpet cleaning equipment is used by floor cleaning companies, fire and water damage restoration companies, and large businesses that often have their own maintenance staff. Since the expense of the equipment needed to keep your office or business carpeting in top shape can be high, many companies choose carpet cleaning equipment financing.
Floor Care Equipment Financing
Cleaning companies and many larger businesses use various types of floor care equipment such as floor scrubbers, floor polishers, tile and grout cleaning machines, high speed burnishers, floor finish applicators, and even marble polishing machines. This wide array of equipment prompts many companies to consider floor care equipment financing.
Floor Scrubbing Equipment Financing
Floor scrubbing equipment, often referred to as floor buffing machines, are the perfect tool for commercial floor care maintenance. Floor buffers can perform a variety of tasks including: polishing, sanding, scrubbing, and stripping your floors. Due to their versatility, floor buffers can be expensive, causing many businesses to opt for floor scrubbing equipment financing.
Floor Buffing Equipment Financing
Floor buffing equipment is a must for both cleaning companies and large businesses that perform their own building maintenance. Floor polishing equipment consists of several tools such as: a floor cleaning machine, floor polishing pads, floor restorer solution, and floor wax and finish solutions. Purchasing all of these items outright can be costly, which is why many companies turn to financing floor polishing equipment.
Scaffolding Equipment Financing
Scaffolding equipment is frequently used by construction companies and some window cleaning businesses. Scaffolding is a durable platform, made of steel or aluminum, used to support workers and their equipment during construction projects and other work outside building sites. Because of the obvious need for the best equipment possible, many companies to choose scaffolding equipment financing.

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