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When Old Man Winter makes his presence felt, driving can really turn into an adventure. This is why you often see those giant trucks out during a snowstorm, spreading sand on the roads. In fact, for much of the country, sanding trucks are as much as a winter mainstay as snowmen and hot chocolate. But they are a bit more expensive than a cup of hot cocoa, making leasing sanding trucks a very viable option for many companies. And that's where sand truck financing specialist Crest Capital comes in.

We've been financing sanding trucks for more than 25 years, ensuring our friends in the north can get to where they're going safely. With an easy "one-page" application, fast approvals, and budget-friendly sand truck lease rates, we're the go-to company when financing a sand truck is brought up at the next meeting. Visit us online at , and we'll make sure you're good to go.

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