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A full set of quality automotive tools can easily cost more than the vehicles they are repairing. Sometimes, many times more. Automotive tools can range from common wrenches and ratchets to specific tools meant to work with one particular vehicle part or component. However, over time, almost all of the tools are eventually needed, making a "full toolbox" an absolute must for any automotive repair operation.

Crest Capital specializes in financing automotive tools. Be it one full set of tools and a toolbox (which again, are likely to be more expensive than a vehicle) to several sets for a fleet operation, Crest Capital stands ready to assist you with the automotive tool financing you need. Our simple application process and fast approval time will allow you to get the automotive tool financing you require, and allow you to get back to what you do best - keeping vehicles in good working order. Contact us today to learn more.

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Air Compressor Financing
Automotive tools have come a long way in the last hundred years. While there are still plenty of hand tools, many of today's automotive repair tools use air compressors for power. As such, this critical component for your business tends to be very costly. That's why air compressor financing is typically part of any automotive tool leasing program.
Automotive Grinder Financing
Automotive grinders have a variety of features and uses, from cleaning and smoothing surfaces to removing gaskets to general surface prep. And if a shop truly wants to offer high quality work, having the best automotive grinders is important. That's why automotive tool leasing, and particularly grinder financing, is often necessary.
Brake Lathe Financing
When maintaining your customer's cars, it is important to consider all aspects of the vehicle, especially regarding car parts that relate to safety. And there's no more important safety feature than brakes. That's why a quality brake lathe should be part of any automotive tool leasing program you consider.
Automotive Hand Tool Financing
Automotive hand tools are the literal tools of the trade. Wrenches, ratchets, screwdrivers, and other traditional tools are necessary for any modern automotive repair environment. Equipping an automotive repair shop will a full set of hand tools tends to be very expensive. That's why automotive hand tool financing makes good sense.
Lift Financing and Hoist Tool Financing
Lift and Hoist tools allow you and your mechanics easy access to the underbelly of customer vehicles. They provide a safe manner to service vehicles without needlessly endangering anyone and raising your liability. This long-term cost saving measure tends to be expensive at first. Because of this, lift financing and hoist tool financing become attractive options.
Tube Bender Financing
In automotive repair, there are several tools that are highly specialized. A tube bender is one of them. Used for a variety of jobs (brake lines, mufflers, or even high performance framing for vehicles), tube benders are complex and expensive. That's why securing tube bender financing is an important part of any automotive diagnostic equipment leasing program.
Welder Financing
A good quality welder is a necessary tool in any automotive shop. From performing custom designs to repairs, it's hard to imagine an automotive shop without a welder. Quality welders tend to be pricy and most businesses would rather not pay for one up front. In these cases, welder financing becomes the preferred option.
Automotive Waste and Recycling Equipment Financing
Automotive Waste and Recycling Equipment is necessary in any automotive shop. Stricter disposal laws and/or the desire to become more 'green' are increasing the need for this highly specialized equipment. Effective waste and recycling equipment tends to be quite pricey. For this reason, automotive waste and recycling equipment financing becomes the preferred option.
Automotive A/C Service Equipment Financing
Most automobiles sold today come with air conditioning as standard equipment. What once was a luxury is now a mainstay. And the equipment needed to maintain automotive air conditioning units is expensive. Fortunately, there are automotive tool leasing programs that include very attractive automotive A/C service equipment financing options.

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